Unscorched Bridges

How long ago was it? 5 years? 10 years?  No matter. The fact is, a former colleague found me, rang me up, and asked if I still wrote and produced promos.  Out of the blue.  Doesn’t matter how they found me (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, other friends).  The thing that matters is they remembered me.  I must have made a good impression on them.  Somewhere in the dark catacombs of their memories in a fast-paced, what-have-you-done-lately world, my name shined a light. Why?  In part, I chalk it up to bridges that were not burned.  We went our separate ways on good terms.   I know so many employees who dis their former bosses and their co-workers.  Rightly so in some cases. But be careful.  Word of bad mouth gets around and one day you’ll wonder why no one is answering your calls.

True story:  in the span of two weeks during the spring 2015, three people I’d worked a LONG TIME AGO contacted me, seeking my expertise.  They sought me out in a sea of hundreds of other qualified writer/producers.  And it led to some decent gigs.  In one case, there was animosity between us that dissolved over time.  In another, the caller was oblivious to wrongs done to me (in that case, it’s a judgement call whether to work with that person. Can you forgive and forget?  Is the project worth burying the hatchet?).

So, before you gossip, trash, and blast that person sitting in the cubicle next to you, take a beat.  Weigh the good with the bad.  If the person is truly despicable, they may deserve your scorn and so, be done with it. If you think their tolerable and might be useful down the road, hold back the nasty barbs.  Keep that number in your cell phone.   You never know…

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