Stephen R. Wolcott

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Award-winning creative with demonstrated ability and extensive experience delivering successful media projects for clients including Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Disney, Sony, Fuel TV, Showtime, ABC, CBS, Hallmark Channel, MGM/UA

Behind the Scenes Documentaries • DVD/Blu-Ray Content • Promos •  TV Specials • Television • Cable • Home Entertainment • Corporate • Web • Radio • Print • Proposals • Marketing • Advertising • Branding • Pitches • Post production

Freelance Associate Producer, Fox Sports 1  
2013- current
• Develop ideas, research stories & footage, script writing/editing, production assistance for local and international sports programming & live-to-tape shoots.

Staff Writer/Producer, OAP
Fuel TV/Fox Cable Network

2012 – 2013
• Provided promotional expertise which catapulted ratings 3-fold over previous year in numerous genres (sports, movie, episodic, sizzles, branding, comedy, stunts).
• Created compelling long-form programming featuring exclusive shoot footage,
resulting in million-plus hits on Hulu,YouTube and increased brand awareness.
• Earned Fox “X” Award for writing/producing excellence and successfully
managing multiple projects.

Freelance Writer/Producer, multiple clients
2008 – 2012
• Crafted extensive, highly informative text for exclusive Sony Home Entertainment DVD/Blu-Ray special releases, including Taxi Driver and Cliffhanger.
• Delivered inspired motivational corporate presentations for SCA, Kyocera.
• Produced, filmed, edited exclusive web content for renowned animal trainer,
resulting in new client acquisition and increased visibility.
• Developed, managed, supplied content for unique website, Film2Fact, exploring the motion picture industry.

Freelance Writer/Producer, King Media Services
2006 – 2009
• Awarded multiple high-budget DVD/Blu-Ray assignments from Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS Video to produce added value content for special
Film/TV releases, including An Officer and Gentleman 25th Anniversary; Star
Trek Movie Collections; Saturday Night Fever, Varsity Blues, Nash Bridges.
• Brainstormed innovative documentary features; interviewed numerous high-level celebrities; directed/produced simple to complex shoots around the world.

Freelance Writer/Producer/Consultant, Trailer Park
2005 – 2007
• Strategically planned and implemented fresh, state-of-the-art DVD/Blu-Ray content for Warner Brothers, Disney, and Fox, including ‘making of’ featurettes.
• Created innovative added value material for Herbie Fully Loaded, filmed at the California Speedway, hosted by female NASCAR driver.
• Teamed acclaimed directors Steven Soderbergh and Mike Nichols for compelling audio commentary on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Freelance Writer/Producer,  Beck-Ola, Toolbox Productions
1988 – 2005
• Conceived 100’s of promotional spots and presentations for clients including Paramount, Fox, MGM/UA, Hallmark Channel, UPN, resulting in repeat business and continuous client satisfaction.
• Writer/Producer/Director- The UPN Movie Trailer: weekly interstitial series with celebrity hosts, shot on location at numerous Hollywood landmarks.
• Accomplished creator of television series proposals and special presentations for Affiliate meetings, Upfronts, Promax, Theme Parks, Tributes, TV/Home Entertainment product reels, and merchandising.
• Successfully launched series premiere promotional campaigns for (3) Star Trek Television Series (Star Trek: The Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; Voyager)
• Wrote/Produced several acclaimed network and syndicated TV specials, including Stargate SG-1: Timeline to the Future hosted by Richard Dean Anderson as well as Star Trek’s 25th Anniversary Special, hosted by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy

• Saturn Award for Best Television DVD (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
• Freelance writer for, Emmy Magazine, Pasadena Weekly, NoHo Magazine; Rose City
• BA, Telecommunications and Film, San Diego State University
• Memberships: Writers Guild of America, ATAS, IWOSC
• Writing courses: Robert McKee Screenwriting; UCLA extension article writing
• Additional skills: consulting, video production, editing knowledge (Final Cut, Avid), acting, Emergency preparedness (member, CERT), teaching (CBEST qualification).
• Video and writing samples, additional credits and information available at Vimeo, YouTube, IMDB, and LinkedIn