Adrenaline pumping? Heart-string pulling? Eye-brow raising? I’m ready to communicate your message with plenty of  oomph, oohs, and ahhs.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve written and produced hundreds (thousands?) of spots for  plenty of top clients.  Short and sweet.  Big and bold.  Deliverables with many names:  Episodic, launch, sizzles, branding, combos, interstitials, packages, bumpers, campaigns, PSA’s, ID’s, stunts, rip-a-matics (my personal fave).

I’ve covered most every genre, too: Sports, drama, movies, comedy, network, cable, syndication, variety, radio.  Done the upfronts and in-house presentations.

From concept to completion, through design, music, visual effects, graphics; working with editors, directors, production big wigs, celebrities and VO.

Fuel TV Promos

I  created a variety of spots for Fuel TV, including episodic, launch, stunts, interstitials, and specials. My efficiency in delivering a large volume of diverse promos on time and on budget earned me a Fox “X” Award.

Fuel TV Special Projects

My client asked for something different, powerful, original, and attention-grabbing.  The result won praise and helped boost ratings.

Archive Promos

Here is a small sampling of the hundreds of promotional spots I have written and produced for a variety of platforms (network, cable, home entertainment, sizzle, corporate, film, radio, web, etc.).